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So... you feel violated...

If you feel that the use of one or more pictures here isn't covered by fair use, please let me know so I can take care of things!

I often add many hundreds of images every day and I don't examine each and every one for tags, nor do I have a sixth sense to tell me which ones are not for general publication, so it happens that some gets added when they shouldn't. It's not intentional but it happens.

As I most likely never have been anywhere near 'your site(s)' (I'm not a member at any of the press agencies for instance) I have no way of avoiding the occasional addition of your properitary images if they have been floating around the net without copyright notices or source information. Now if this happens and you stumble across some you'd like removed, I'll be happy to remove them when I'm satisfied that your claim is valid.

I will not remove anything based on an unsubstantiated semi-automatic email so but you must explain why your claim is different (why this use is not fair use), and all copyright claims must be accompanied by proof of ownership for every single offending image, including full documentation for the correlation between the images found here and the ones you have copyrighted. In other words: It must describe exactly how you have determined that there is a violation, and it must be complete enough for me to verify your claim!

Let me just repeat this. In order for me to take action on your claims, you must:

  1. Explain why my use isn't fair use.
    I'm convinced that all zero-profit use is fair use.

  2. List every single offending image by its filename and the celebrity pictured.
    I need this in order to find and remove the offending image(s). This is - in case you missed it - a HUGE archive with many hundreds of thousands of images.

  3. Explain how you determined that these are your images.
    I may be able to automate removal this way.

  4. Explain how I can avoid your images in the future.
    Easier for all of us, especially if it can be automated.
Failure to do so will result in no response and no action taken.

Be aware that empty and unsubstantiated claims and/or threats will not be taken seriously, and may be subject to arbitrary publication and public ridicule. The webmaster reserve the right to publicize any information relating to parties attacking this site, its content, its webmaster, its contributors or friends.

You have been warned.

Also note that use of this site for the purpose of 'gathering evidence' or similar activity is explicitly prohibited in the Terms of Use for this site. Failure to heed these terms will result in counter-lawsuits or other retaliatory actions in case this activity is used against this site or its webmaster.

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All images collected from newsgroups, websites, ftp-repositories, fserve's on IRC and similar public places and they are thus assumed to be in the public domain (unless otherwise noted). They are used here without permission but not-for-profit and thus fair use. So before complaining about the use of copyrighted materials here you should go read the law, especially Title 17 of United States Code, Section 107: "Fair Use" and similar international law, and accept the concept of fair use.

Filenames are retained if possible unless they conflict with images already in the archive. Recently I've started to prefix nondescript filenames with the name of the primary celebrity pictured and sometimes the event/source from with it came. The original filename is at the end of the new name.

Feel free to grab any picture from here and use it for yourself, but please respect the original copyrights if not used for fair use.

Very special thanks and eternal gratitude to all the imaging artists and cappers who do all the work bringing these pictures from print or screen to the net!

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