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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of repeat questions in the mail. Instead of sending the same reply again and again, I've collected them here. Please read them all before asking something.

What is a 'leecher'?

According to Merriam-Webster a definition of the noun 'leech' is: "a hanger-on who seeks advantage or gain".

The word 'leecher' is defined upon that in the image collecting world as someone who greedily downloads without consideration or giving anything in return, 'leeching' is what they do.

I am a member but I don't get prompted to enter my credentials when clicking on a thumbnail anymore. How do I log in get the fullsize picture?

When you feel like logging in, just click on the login menu item and log in. Like magic you'll now get the real thing when clicking on a thumbnail... :)

When I log in you send me a cookie! - I don't like cookies and I refused it, but now I cannot log in?

The member system uses a cookie to track your identity. Anyone without a valid cookie is simply not logged in.

Note that a semi-valid cookie may trigger the anti-hacking firewall blacklist system so never try to create a fake cookie unless you really want to never see this site again... :) Oh, and the payload in the cookie is heavily encrypted so unless you happen to have a few quantum computers at your disposal you really should not waste your time trying to decode it... ;)

Why are you not accepting new members?

Because I am not able to handle the accounting associated with it. Work on the system is progressing nicely so it may not be long before this changes.

Also because more or less unrestricted membership will drive the bandwidth usage up again to a point where it will become prohibitively expensive. In order to keep this site free this has to be avoided and bandwidth usage must be kept down.

This site had over 22,000 unique visitors daily, each visitor downloading an average of 250 pictures, each with an average size of 500KB... Trust me, it takes a lot of bandwidth to handle that, and it doesn't come cheap.

How do I become a member?

You don't. Not yet anyway.

Come back from time to time to see whether signup is possible; you won't miss the announcement when it happens, trust me.

When are you accepting new members?

Unknown at this point. Sorry.

There are no thumbnails on the gallery pages!
I get an referrer error page instead of a full size picture!

That's probably because your browser doesn't send a valid referrer when loading the page.

Turn off all anonymizing or referrer-stripping settings or speed-download plugins and try reloading the page/image. The setting might be called something like 'hide where I've been' or something like that.

It could also be that your ISP attempts to block JPEG images due to the "MS04-028, Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+)" security issue affecting most Microsoft Windows versions. Most images here are JPEGs...

If that doesn't work then I cannot help you. There may be a network problem or a firewall issue somewhere.

The links on the index pages doesn't work or lead to a different celebrity than the one selected!

The archive was updated and the links shifted. Just reload the index page (maybe flush the cache) and all should be well again.

A few days ago there was some new pictures of (celebrity) and now they're gone... Why?

They are not gone! (unless they were copyrighted and I was presented with a valid request to remove them)

The gallery pages hold thumbnails sorted first according to whether they're new (actually how many days they're old) or not, second alphabetically according to their filename. When a thumbnail isn't new anymore it will appear to vanish but it is simply moved to its alphabetical position on most likely some other page.

I've sent you suggestions for a new celebrity and it's been days and you still haven't added any pictures of her? I want those pictures!

Who do you think you are!?!? - This is a free service!

Seriously, it's rare when I go out and search for pictures when someone suggests a new name, but I'll remember the name and grab stuff I come across in my regular feeds. So it may take quite a while before something happens. Have patience, please!

What are your favorite celebrities?

My current favorite celebrities are:

This list changes from to time obviously.

What kind of software do you use to collect and process the pictures?

Using the right tools is important. Here's a few pointers:

  • For IRC I use mIRC.
  • For surfing the web I use Mozilla Firefox with the DownThemAll extension for easily grabbing all pictures off a gallery page, and The Proxomitron proxy for killing off every kind of ads and other obnoxious things.
  • For email I use Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • To securely upload pictures to the server I use WinSCP (uses an encrypted SSH-tunnel to transfer files).
  • To process images I use a combination of Adobe Photoshop (all kinds of editing), IrfanView (great at removing JPEG tags), ACDSee32 (viewing - and it has a very useful bulk-rename feature).
    Online I use ImageMagick (creating thumbnails and dynamic image manipulation) and jpegtran (lossless transformation of JPEG files, including the stripping of metadata and other junk).
  • Music to work to is important! - I have most of my rather huge music collection digitized into MP3 or Ogg-Vorbis format and I use either WinAmp (with the Multipass skin) or more frequently Quintessential Player (with the Minima skin) to listen to it while I work.

Online - in addition to a lot of my very own code - I make use of the following perl modules from CPAN:

  • CGI (Lincoln D. Stein) - Handles everything CGI-related.
  • Digest::MD5 (RSA Data Security, Inc. and Gisle Aas) - Handles MD5 calculation for duplicate checking.
  • Date::Calc (Steffen Beyer) - Calendar calculations.
  • Image::Size (Randy J. Ray) - Image info package.
  • Sys::CpuLoad (Clinton Wong) - Handles CPU-load related stuff.
  • Net::CIDR (Sam Varshavchik) - Network address and CIDR calculations.
  • URI::Escape (Gisle Aas) - Encoding of unsafe characters in URLs.
  • DBD::mysql (Rudy Lippan) - Interface to mysql databases.
  • XML::RSS (Jonathan Eisenzopf and Rael Dornfest) - Takes care of creating the XML for the RSS feed.
  • Crypt::CBC (Lincoln D. Stein) - Handles encryption/decryption of the login token cookie.

What are your image sources?

I get my stuff from many places and I cannot reveal them all obviously.

Some image artists send their work directly to me.

There are a few websites that are great sources of brand new HQ pictures (often less than a day old), all require registration and most require a referring member to get access (Sorry but I cannot refer you at this time). This includes (but is not limited to):
  • High Quality Celeb Board
  • RiP-Productions
  • The Celebrity City
  • Lime-Light
  • Celebs Central
  • Superior Pics
  • The Celebrity Database
  • TLFAN (formerly CW)
Sorry I cannot list their exact URLs here (most ask not to be linked) so use Google if you want to find them!

On irc's EFnet and Undernet there are some channels (#Celebs-n-Models for instance) where fserves filled with slightly older pics (and some new) can be found.

Some images are intentionally left visually tagged to give credit to the source of them.

I am not a member at any press agencies, nor do have any other access to such resources! - This means that I have no passwords to trade. It also means that I have no way to recognize pics originating at any particular agency.

Why was the site closed for a time?

It was hosted on an older server which just couldn't handle the load of many visitors. A new more powerful server costs money and I had to save up for it before I could get it.

Why don't you have any pictures of ... ?

There are several reasons why someone isn't represented on the site. It may be that I just never stumbled across this person, that no decent pictures can be found or that I for some reason dislike the person. But feel free to request a new name!

You feature my work and I want credit!

Then let me know! - I'll be happy give credit where credit is due!

Do you do this for a living?

You mean celebrity collecting? - Nope, it's just a hobby.

But I do work with computers... I'm a system administrator as well as a hostmaster and a programmer, which means I keep our servers (Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD) running, fix hardware problems and do security patching, I manage our DNS servers and our Local Internet Registry (LIR) and I develop new systems and do some black magic with perl scripting... :)

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Labelled with ICRA This site contains only female celebrities and will never contain anything else - don't bother asking. Some images may contain nudity which may or may not be legal for you to view. Viewer discretion is advised. Please also examine our Terms of Use.

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Filenames are retained if possible unless they conflict with images already in the archive. Recently I've started to prefix nondescript filenames with the name of the primary celebrity pictured and sometimes the event/source from with it came. The original filename is at the end of the new name.

Feel free to grab any picture from here and use it for yourself, but please respect the original copyrights if not used for fair use.

Very special thanks and eternal gratitude to all the imaging artists and cappers who do all the work bringing these pictures from print or screen to the net!

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