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The purpose of this site is to keep a huge collection of quality pictures of female celebrities available for free on the net. A lot of the pictures here are high-quality (HQ) - above 1000 pixels on the shortest side and often over 512 KB in filesize. Some are even bigger, above 3000 pixels on the shortest side, and they are usually referred to as UHQ (ultra high quality). Other are just rare or hard to find.

There are no advertisements or paying member's areas here! - This site is totally non-profit in any way, shape or form. Not only does this provide a much more pleasant surfing experience, it also makes the use of the pictures here fair use (Title 17 of United States Code, Section 107: "Fair Use" and similar international law) and thus legal with respect to copyrights.

Unfortunately more and more sites are becoming 'hidden paysites' by using age-check-by-credit-card-payment systems to 'protect' minors from nudity (often not even topless pictures) and then proceed to place everything exept a few teaser/sample pictures behind that check. Other sites use massive advertising to make the pictures virtually unaccessible without viewing a ton of advertisement with a truckload of patience, and they often turn out to be a pathetic collection of grainy, over-compressed pictures not worth any effort. These measures all have the sole purpose of making money for the webmaster in return for access to materials they actually got for free! - What a ripoff!

In my opinion it is extremely unacceptable that people make money from stuff they obtained for free and this site is meant to fight that by providing a free alternative to those greedy paysites! - I continously roam the net and add pictures from the same (or often better) sources as those sites thus (hopefully) driving those paysites out of business!

Another beef I have is with the press agencies. They do business by distributing photographs taken either by their own staff photographers or from pool/freelance photographers at various events (or paparazzi-style candids). Now they have a nasty habit of employing huge hordes of greedy lawyers that do little except hunting down people who 'steal' their material (i.e. violate their copyright). Now, what they really do for business is to make money from something their photographers got for free (the make money of the fame of others), so now it should be obvious why I don't like them... Damned leeches!

Most of the victims of their aggressive lawyers use the pictures in appreciation of the subject in the pictures, and guess who never sees a dime from all the money the press agencies make? - Right, the subject - the celebrities!

Now, sites like this don't take away anything from the press agencies - all access is free, there's no advertisement revenue and we would never pay for these pictures (unless the money went primarily to the people in the pictures), so there no pirate profits nor any loss of revenue. But for the press agencies it's all about control, power and greed. This site won't stand for that and I will challenge any 'orders' I might get from these leeches, demanding proof of ownership and proof of infringement that can be validated. I mean to put an end to them bullying of sites to remove stuff that was never theirs to own.

I will of course take down stuff they can prove they own, but I have yet to see or hear about any complaint that does more than simply say: "We own the stuff so you must take it down - or else!". That will not work here as I obviously also have rights. But how hard can it be? - I mean, just list the pictures, attach a copy of the papers showing how they own each one and document how they found each picture from the site to be the exact one they own. If they do that and I'm convinced then I'll take down their stuff in a heartbeat!

But enough talk - Please enjoy this free and the ever-growing collection of sublimely beautiful female celebrity imaging.

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Feel free to grab any picture from here and use it for yourself, but please respect the original copyrights if not used for fair use.

Very special thanks and eternal gratitude to all the imaging artists and cappers who do all the work bringing these pictures from print or screen to the net!

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