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Site design and programming on the Celebrity Image Archive™ by The Celebrity Collector™ - Copyright © 1996-2004. All gallery and news pages are generated by custom software written entirely in perl with the use of modules found on CPAN. Automatic duplicate elimination (the most recent duplicate files are skipped when generating the pages) done using the RSA Data Security Inc. MD5 Message Digest algorithm. Dynamic image processing, including thumbnail creation, using the free ImageMagick software package.

Labelled with ICRA This site contains only female celebrities and will never contain anything else - don't bother asking. Some images may contain nudity which may or may not be legal for you to view. Viewer discretion is advised. Please also examine our Terms of Use.

All images collected from newsgroups, websites, ftp-repositories, fserve's on IRC and similar public places and they are thus assumed to be in the public domain (unless otherwise noted). They are used here without permission but not-for-profit and thus fair use. So before complaining about the use of copyrighted materials here you should go read the law, especially Title 17 of United States Code, Section 107: "Fair Use" and similar international law, and accept the concept of fair use.

Filenames are retained if possible unless they conflict with images already in the archive. Recently I've started to prefix nondescript filenames with the name of the primary celebrity pictured and sometimes the event/source from with it came. The original filename is at the end of the new name.

Feel free to grab any picture from here and use it for yourself, but please respect the original copyrights if not used for fair use.

Very special thanks and eternal gratitude to all the imaging artists and cappers who do all the work bringing these pictures from print or screen to the net!

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